subtropical south
Researching advanced modes of society and urbanization at the subtropical south

Instituto20grados (20ºi) is a sister non-profit organization of Lab for Planning and Architecture (LPA). Both organizations share a commitment with the sustainable development and a bio-regional approach, adjusting its theories and principles to the challenges and potentials of the subtropical-south. While LPA operates in the professional domains of urbanism and landscape, 20ºi develops speculative ideas that demand commitments and levels of experimentation that are still ahead of current professional premises.

Instituto20grados advocates for an urban development in accordance with the living systems principles and its demands for a reconnection with natural dynamics. With this understanding of reality as a living and complex organism, the Institute aims to address current problems and potentials in the sustainable urban and landscape development of the subtropical south. The concrete topics to be addressed are open to partnership agreements, but we can anticipate that we aim to explore issues related with its industries (tourism), lifestyles (outdoor living), blueeconomies (coastal and maritime areas) and renewable energies (3.000 sun hours available per year).

The objective of Instituto20grados is to develop ideas and hypotheses in the field of bio-urbanism that promote social innovation, economic resilience and environmental enhancement. We like to call this, “advanced subtropicalism.” To achieve this, the Institute’s activities are organized in three areas: Research & Development, Education & Training, and Communication. They all share the same goal: to develop new knowledge and prototypes in the field of urbanism that improve the sustainable living and the social conditions of the subtropical-south.

Our work is carried out in collaboration with private companies, international organizations, cultural institutions and universities. Collaborations with individuals and experts who share our vision and ambitions are strongly welcome. Therefore, as part of our collaborative aim, the Institute continues to seek new opportunities in order to develop the range of our activities through funding and collaboration.

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